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2020 Donations

To all of our supporters who donated financially in 2020, thank you! Your year-end giving statement was emailed to you on January 15th. If you did not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you have any questions, please let us know!

Proverbs 16:9 reminds us, “In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” God’s Word holds so much truth! God’s plans for 2020 were not what we planned. And yet through it all, we were reminded that God is a God of Peace (Shalom).

He gave us His Peace as we raised support for our Crisis Fund and helped those in need in Kenya and Honduras. With His Peace, we continued to coach leaders locally and globally. With His steady guidance, we took time to update our discipleship curriculum and translated it into more languages. We also updated our trip documentation so we can be more prepared when He calls us to take teams back on the field. We held Zoom discipleship training conferences and started a YouTube training channel, all in our continued mission to end discipleship poverty. And with His calm assurance, we traveled to Tanzania to train more leaders in discipleship. In all things, God is good and we continue to see His faithfulness through your support. Thank you!

More Testimonies About Our Local Leader Coaching

As we continue to coach leaders locally, we are encouraged by their testimonies!

Here are a few more Q&A’s from 2 of our local leaders, explaining their coaching experience with Developing Workers. Please know that your support is helping to make this possible, which in turn makes a difference in the life of a leader, which in turn makes a difference in the life of someone they lead. We are better together!

Leader 1:

Tell me about your current ministry.
Lead Pastor

How long has Developing Workers (DW) been coaching you?
18 years

How has working with DW impacted you personally?
I am a stronger leader with a clear focus on what God has called me to do.

In what ways has working with DW impacted your ministry?
DW has come alongside me and my team equipping us for the work of ministry. We have pastors and interns being developed by DW and have had some in our church join a medical mission team.

If you are married, how has DW helped you in your home life?
[My wife] knows I am well supported and have someone on my side to process through all the difficulties of ministry.

What are one or two take-aways that DW has impressed on you as you maneuvered through this difficult season of 2020?
DW has helped me stay confident in the leadership God has called me. In this season people have their opinions of what we should or shouldn’t do. The DW team was where I could turn to for wisdom and encouragement in this season.

All pastors struggled with how to handle COVID-19 because we have never had to deal with anything like this before. The advantage I had was the support of DW. I know I had someone to turn to when the stress was heavy.

If you had one word to describe your partnership with Developing Workers, what would it be?

Leader 2:

Tell me about your current ministry.
I currently serve with Global Child Advocates as our Strategic Engagement Officer. We work to understand and resolve the root causes behind orphanhood and human trafficking by strengthening the layers of protection around a child and his/her family.

How long has Developing Workers been coaching you?
Since around 2010

How has working with DW impacted you personally?
DW has been massively influential. From the very beginning, sorting through my values and determining a personal mission statement and vision for my life has made decision-making tremendously easier.

I initially requested coaching for help in sorting through ministry/professional priorities, but found that properly setting ministry priorities necessitated change in my personal life as well, who knew? DW has been a consistent source of encouragement, direction and accountability for me in my life and I’m tremendously grateful!

In what ways has working with DW impacted your ministry?
In all seriousness, DW completely shifted the course of my ministry life. It was through the exercise of setting my values and lining up my life accordingly that I began traveling to children’s homes in the developing world. As I continued these trips, it became clear that the Lord was initiating change in my primary ministry focus.

My coach through DW helped me to navigate finishing my current season of ministry and transitioning to graduate school to preparing for my current role. My coach even helped me late on a Friday evening this past December as I received the job offer for my current position. He read through the entire proposal, asked me great questions and helped me realize what a tremendous fit it was.

More recently, DW provided StrengthsFinder training that proved to be invaluable. The SF coach helped me to see how two of my core strengths might have opposing “needs” at times, and how I needed to make space in my life on a weekly basis to honor the instincts behind both. This simple tweak has been incredibly life-giving.

She also gave me permission, so to speak, to explore an area of impact I had been feeling insecure about. The launch of that simple project has turned into a massive cooperation with another non-profit that I believe will have tremendous impact in future. All from simple questions and allowing me to be honest.

What are one or two take-aways that DW has impressed on you as you maneuvered through this difficult season of 2020?
I think the main thing that comes to mind is sticking to what you know even when there is a lot that you don’t know. As I have continued to coach through this year, our times often return to what I already know to be true and ways to focus on those areas of impact rather than perseverating on the things I cannot yet make sense of. I’m grateful!

If you had one word to describe your partnership with Developing Workers, what would it be?
Empowerment: that’s the beauty of coaching, isn’t it? In all my coaching times, I wouldn’t say my coach made something happen for me, or even talked me into a shift. Instead they have asked me questions that allow me to get there on my own and then given me confidence to run as I was made to uniquely run. They have also been there to help sort through the times where I have fallen or failed and I’m grateful for that too!

Is there anything else you think supporters should know?
There is enormous impact in supporting and empowering leaders. As I think of my own life, the dividends from my coaching relationship are massive. It has been tremendously impactful in setting and resetting the course of my entire life. Had I not had someone asking me good questions, I truly would not be where I am today.

Thank you for supporting Developing Workers as they have changed my life. And hopefully, from my own little life will come more dividends in others’ lives. Every penny given to DW is well-stewarded and well-invested and I am really thankful!

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