The Many Sides To Coaching

Leadership coaching takes on many facets, and it requires discernment from the Spirit to coach according to areas of need.

For some leaders, it is coaching with an emphasis on mission, vision, and values for them personally or for their ministry. For others, it means asking how to navigate church and staff issues. For some, the focus is their marriage and family.

In all coaching, however, there is an element of influencing a leader to become even more authentic. Being in their presence, being with them in community, is being the incarnate representation of Christ. Demonstrating what it means to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind” happens when someone else’s story is heard, and grace, love, and encouragement are offered in response.

In leadership coaching and development, much like other areas of life, DW recognizes that every time we are present with someone, we have an opportunity to be a part of them being known and becoming more like Christ.

“Michael Parker and I have known each other for about 15 years. I was relatively new to faith in Jesus when I met him. I purposely use a phrase related to “being known” to describe our relationship with each other because his authenticity to and display of who He is, especially in the greatest context that is Jesus, has invited and drawn me to be and do likewise.

Michael is a person of presence, much like His Savior. He asks careful, Spirit-led questions and listens well. He sees the love of the Savior for others and enters into that same love, coming alongside them. When He knew something was going on with me, he pursued me. He has always been someone to whom I can come.

God has used Michael to help me through issues relating to family, relationships, work, ministry, and resting in Jesus. In all these ways he impacts my life and at the same time teaches me to be and walk in these things with others. I am one of many of whom he has loved well.”

–Dustin Combs, Slovakia

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