Dennis and Laura Christensen

Dennis and Laura were college sweethearts and have been married since 1986. Their work in ministry began shortly after getting married as they spent time leading and engaging youth. They have since served in varying capacities within youth ministry and continue to serve youth at their current church. Dennis has been an Elder for more than 25 years and is serving as an Elder and a discipleship leader at Anchor Church, where they currently attend. Apart from youth ministry and leading discipleship group leaders, Laura gives her time to working alongside her certified therapy dogs, as they volunteer at schools, retirement communities, hospitals, and other establishments to bring healing to people through conversations and socialization with the dogs. Mission trips and spiritual formation have been at the heart of their work throughout their many years of fellowship and service within their church communities and beyond. Together the couple has discipled, mentored, and has been looked to for the Biblical counsel of individuals and couples in all seasons of life. Following retirement in 2020, Dennis and Laura leaned in, relocated from Indianapolis to Phoenix and have been enjoying the climate as well as travel in the western states. The summer of 2022, Dennis and Laura partnered with Developing Workers and served on a medical mission trip in Zanzibar Africa. They also trained and taught the foundations global material to leaders in Malawi Africa, equipping, strengthening, and fostering relationships with pastors and leaders to effectively carry on the gospel of Jesus Christ to their own communities.

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