Become A Financial Partner

We need you to partner with us to send our pastor trainers and medical teams around the world. We have been a part of planting churches in Kenya and Latin America – we want you to partner with us.

Only 2% of the pastors in  developing countries have had any form of training, whatsoever. Your partnership with us offers training, encouragement, and support to pastors who have stepped into the places where people are not going.

Life changes are told through stories and the stories we have witnessed with our own eyes are made possible, 100% through financial partners.

Kid #401

We were supposed to end our clinic at kid #400. Kid #401 came into our medical clinic with a life-threatening infection between his eyes. This infection stole away his eyesight at around the age of 8-years-old. What you are about to read will be easy to read and then move past. Don’t. Our team prayed for this boy who was blind and immediately he received his eyesight back. “This one is still rocking me. I have not seen healing like that. It rocks me to the core.” – Michael Parker, Founder of Developing Workers.

Pastor Wilson in Kenya

He hadn’t been teaching the Bible on a regular basis. Michael Parker has been spending time every year since 2009 training – now he has 10 guys planting churches.

Pastor Daniel in Kenya

This pastor brings together over 150 pastors from remote areas of Kenya every November for training and encouragement. Most of them have never been trained in any way, shape, or form; our team steps in and provides training and those moments of fellowship that every pastor needs on a daily basis.

James in Haiti

69 Pastors were gathered together for training… these pastors had not been trained on how to create disciples. Through our work, we gave them a framework to follow which is helping them complete the fundamental work Jesus entered into as He stepped into full-time ministry for the first time.

Our ministry operates under financial accountability to our board of advisors. 100% of money raised goes to our mission. As of 2018, approximately 10% of our total budget is dedicated to administrative costs including, bookkeeping, legal advice, office supplies, and equipment. The remaining 90% is used to fund our full-time staff (who each are responsible for finding partners and raising support) as well as resourcing our trips with training materials and medical supplies, among other travel essential costs.

Accountability to our partners is essential. If you have additional questions regarding the stewardship of funds raised through Developing Workers, please contact us to speak further.