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Nepal/India Trip

September 26 – October 7, 2018

Come join us as we serve in India and Nepal! We will be traveling to Lucknow, India and Kanchanpur, Nepal to serve the children of several large community schools. This trip will include six days of clinic. The first three will be in Lucknow, India, the last three in Kanchanpur, Nepal.

In each country you will step into a world of bustling culture and color, amazing smells… and some not so amazing smells. Beautiful people and the downcast of the broken hearted. Both countries are diverse in tongue, religions, and customs, both are impossible not to be astonished by.

Our mission is to truly be the light of Christ to both of these countries. Each day of clinic we’ll be serving the children’s medical needs as we strive to instill a sense of value in each one of them. Presenting the gospel and illuminating truth. Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Our spiritual counseling team will be pouring into and connecting with the teachers and leaders in each area. Equipping them with the tools and truths to truly impact the lives of the children in their care.

Are you ready to…

  • OWN YOUR JOURNEY, come with us!
  • Let’s go IMPACT THE WORLD!

More About This Trip


Trip Details

September 26th- October 7th
Cost Approximately $3,800 includes airfare


About the Location

In India, Lucknow is the capital and largest city of the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. It is the eleventh most populated city. Lucknow has always been known as a multicultural city that flourished as a North Indian cultural and artistic hub.

In Nepal, Kanchanpur is one of 75 districts. This district is in far south-west Nepal. The main language is 70% Doteli, 20% Rana Tharu, and 7% Nepoli (3% others). Nepal lies between two giants: China and India, yet manages to retain a culture uniquely its own.


Trip Agenda

You will start this journey long before your feet touch foreign soil. Your journey starts when you say YES to God and step into what He has called you to do. We have designed this ministry to help you truly discover your God given gifts and talents, your unique calling. God created you for a purpose that is uniquely your own. Then, just as God has promised us as believers, you have been equipped. We go together, to make an impact: To reach people with the hope of Jesus though medicine.

Here is what it looks like…

Each medical clinic will consist of seven stations:

  1. registration
  2. nutritional evaluations
  3. medical exams
  4. deworming and vitamins
  5. dental hygiene
  6. spiritual counseling
  7. pharmacy

The patients come and make their way through the process. Each clinic looks different, depending on the host site and the population we are serving. Some clinics are in churches, others are in schools, some are in open air ramadas or villages. For this trip, our clinics will be primarily in schools.

Clinic time is a time to meet the medical needs of the people. But it goes much deeper, we try to truly connect with the people in the communities and point them to Jesus.

We will also be serving the local church as we provide training in discipleship to the local pastors and church leaders.

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