Mobilize Medical

Mobilize Medical is the medical outreach component of Developing Workers. We partner with churches around the world providing much needed medical care in impoverished areas. As we host medical clinics, we are drawing in the community so the church can connect with people in the area and share the gospel. By meeting the communities most basic medical needs, it is possible to come alongside their community leaders, pastors and church leaders, and equip them with strategies to carry out the Great Commission.

By developing a culture of mentorship, discipleship, and education that is focused on the whole person, these communities can take what they see and begin implementing it themselves, thus empowering their current leaders and future generations to live well physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“Our goal is to bridge the community with the local church. Medicine is just a tool.”

Kelly Ramsland, Director of Mobilize Medical

Doctor asking abuse questionnaire

Community Safety Initiative

The Community Safety Initiative (CSI) is designed to screen and identify children and adults who are at-risk for social/emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

Our Mobilize Medical team comes to a community and asks a few simple questions of each individual, via a translator. For anyone identified to be at-risk or in need, we connect the person with “CSI Heroes” in the community who will mentor and support the identified individuals.

Typical Clinic Week

The Mobilize Medical team looks at the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of every person that comes through our clinics. Each team of volunteers serves to provide medical exams, nutritional assessments, safety issue assessments, deworming, vitamins, dental hygiene instruction, medicine and spiritual counseling.

Every patient has the opportunity to be connected with the local church for follow up and discipleship.

Our partners in India created this beautiful video that captures the amazing faces, people, and activities of a typical clinic week.