Mobilize Medical

Mobilize Medical is our medical outreach component of Developing Workers. Partnering with the global church providing much needed medical care in impoverished areas, while providing a platform to assist the church in reaching their communities with the gospel. Coming alongside their pastors, and church leaders, equipping them to carry out the Great Commission.

Each team of volunteers serves to provide medical exams, nutritional assessments, deworming, vitamins, dental hygiene instruction, and medicine. Each patient has the opportunity for spiritual counseling and to be connected with the local church for follow up and discipleship.

By meeting the communities most basic medical needs, it is possible to come alongside their community leaders, pastors and church leaders, and equip them with strategies to carry out the Great Commission. By developing a culture of mentorship, discipleship, and education that is focused on the whole person, these communities can take what they see and begin implementing it themselves, thus empowering their current leaders and future generations to live well both physically and spiritually.