Each One, Reach One.

Our team is engaging in local church discipleship training, equipping leaders and entire congregations in effective methods for doing discipleship. Pastors want to see their churches grow that way, and Developing Workers is here to empower that process.

Hear more about the recent impact in the East Valley of Phoenix, AZ.

Last Saturday was amazing.  Some of our staff trained the local pastors and leadership team at a church who pursued Developing Workers for support.  Michael and Matt from our team poured into them, helping each understand how discipleship will grow their church.  The pastor himself is already very committed to the process of discipleship, having written his own dissertation on the subject.

Every person in attendance set time aside that day to consider “each one, reach one” and name someone specific to disciple that God was placing on their hearts.  We’ve already heard back a report of a leader in attendance who had an encounter with the Lord, knowing through tears what God wanted this leader to do. 

Instead of reaching out and pursuing the person whom the Holy Spirit placed on her mind to initiate a discipling relationship with, the very next day this person reached out to her as a leader!  What a blessing to see God move so quickly and confirm the call to disciple others so meaningfully!

The following day, Michael had an opportunity to speak to one of Developing Workers’ monthly financial supporting churches.  He was able to spend time ministering to the hearts of the pastors and leaders there as well.

He presented a sermon, encouraged the church as a whole, and shared about the work of DW. 

The congregation heard Michael’s message on “all in discipleship”, emphasizing the value and importance of the investment in life-on-life disciple-making.  Many church members met with him following the teaching, sharing their own plans for discipleship as a result!

Do you have a prayer request?

Our staff at Developing Workers prays regularly over needs and requests within our ministry, and we would be privileged to pray for you.  Is there anything you’d like us to cover in prayer?  Please reach out to let us know your requests, and we will pray together for these things, honoring their confidentiality within our staff of 5 people.

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