Crisis Relief

Giving to those in need

Earthquakes. Pandemics. Riots. When catastrophe happens, we want to be ready to help. Your donation to our crisis fund makes a life-changing difference to those facing unimaginable circumstances. 

For example, in 2020, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we connected with pastors in Kenya who had no income while churches were closed.  Your gift of $75 to the Developing Workers’ Crisis Fund helped feed a family of 4 in Kenya for one month. Thank you!

“We were at a starvation time, I and my family. You really saved [us]. We had no food, no money, no movement due to this COVID-19. Even churches were closed. Since the place had a hard life before, this time, it is getting worse. Thank you, for your remembrance. I received a gift and I didn’t consumed I and and my family only. I shared with my vulnerable friends, church members who were vulnerable, old age, widows, orphans from the church. Thank you for standing with me.” Pastor in Kenya

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