Crisis Relief

Giving our time, talents and treasures to those in need

Currently, we are using the Crisis Fund to support Kenyan pastors. In 2020, Kenyan village churches were not able to meet due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. There were no incoming church tithes and no other opportunities for pastors to be gainfully employed. In addition to COVID-19, there were locust swarms that destroyed crops and resulted in severe food shortages.

Recently, the Kenyan government again enforced a lockdown. The situation for pastors continues to be critical. But we know a small donation can make a life-changing difference. A thank you from one of the pastors we gifted funds in the past:

“We were at a starvation time, I and my family. You really saved [us]. We had no food, no money, no movement due to this COVID-19. Even churches were closed. Since the place had a hard life before, this time, it is getting worse. Thank you, for your remembrance. I received a gift and I didn’t consumed I and and my family only. I shared with my vulnerable friends, church members who were vulnerable, old age, widows, orphans from the church. Thank you for standing with me.”

These pastors are Kenya’s hope for taking forth the Word and discipling others to do the same, leading this generation of Kenyans out of crisis and into the refuge and security of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A gift of $75 per month to the Developing Workers’ Crisis Fund will help feed a pastor’s family of 4. Help us support them during this dire season.

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Our work is 100% funded by the support of individuals just like you. Click the “Project Designation” option to select where you would like your contribution to go. Be sure to indicate whether you would like to make a one-time contribution or if you’d like to start a recurring contribution. Please be aware that any donations given to Developing Workers will be distributed according to the discretion of the Board. Priority will be given to honoring the distribution request upon donating. Although, Developing Workers reserves final discretion on allocation for financial donations received.

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Legacy of Hope Loans

During 2020, many businesses were closed and bankrupt due to the government regulations of shutting down because of COVID. As these small businesses are trying to start back up, many don’t have the capital to open again. We want to bring these leaders hope by offering them a micro-finance loan. The small loan will help them run their business again, be an asset to their community and provide support for their family.

We want to empower (not enable) people to be independent, self-sustaining and earning their own income. As the loan is paid off over 2 to 3 years we can recycle this legacy to other people in need.

Your donation will help bring a legacy of hope to small business leaders that would otherwise not have anywhere to turn for help.