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Supporting Kenyan Pastors

Due to COVID-19, Kenyan village churches are not able to meet. There are no incoming church tithes and no other opportunities for pastors to be gainfully employed. In addition to COVID-19, there were recent locust swarms that destroyed crops and have resulted in severe food shortages. To make it worse, another wave of locusts is expected to return in June to demolish the remnants of what little crops they have left, making it the worst seen in 70 years. This means they will also lose their livestock – resulting in no meat, no milk, no eggs. Twenty million people are being impacted with no hope of food for months to come! These pastors are Kenya’s hope for taking forth the Word and discipling others to do the same, leading this generation of Kenyans out of crisis and into the refuge and security of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A gift of $75 per month to Developing Workers’ Crisis Fund will help feed a pastor’s family of 4. Help us support them during this dire season.

Helping Honduras

Helping Honduras

Honduras is a country riddled with trauma and scars as a result of widespread gang violence.

Reports from the field reveal an increase in domestic violence as a result of enforced lock downs due to COVID-19. In addition, young people are struggling with severe depression to the point of self-harm. Due to joblessness, people are unable to purchase data for their phones, leading to additional isolation and loss of connectedness which is preventing many from having a way to reach out for help. Data many seem like a privilege; however, it is also a lifeline in times like these. In a world with danger and violence around every corner, being able to stay connected and reach out for help is a necessity.

Our goal is to support our partners reaching “at risk” families and children with gifts of cell phone data that can be distributed for daily use. Giving today to the Developing Workers’ Crisis Fund will make this happen.

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Our work is 100% funded by the support of individuals just like you. Use this form to contribute to the relief funds distributed to alleviate the burdens of crisis in Kenya and Honduras. Please be aware that any donations given to Developing Workers will be distributed according to the discretion of the Board. Priority will be given to honoring the distribution request upon donating.

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