A Church’s Report

Developing Workers strives to open the door for the gospel by empowering and equipping church leaders to serve. We explore with them their God-given strengths through leadership development and personal coaching. DW identifies

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Are you a person who watches for opportunities to see investments multiply? If you already actively invest in the Kingdom work of Developing Workers or are considering doing so soon, we’ve got great

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Ambassadors for Christ

Our aim as a mobilizing ministry is to build up disciples who make disciples, to see disciple-making movements locally and globally. In essence, we want to end discipleship poverty because Jesus is for everyone! Tune

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Peek into Leadership Coaching and Development

Why do we have multiple ministry facets within our organization, and how do they relate? Through leadership coaching and development, pastoral training, and global medical clinics, we share the same aim. We develop workers to mobilize ministry where they’re at.

The main goal: end discipleship poverty because Jesus is for everyone!

With this purpose in mind, we are providing opportunities for ministry training, counsel and care, leadership mentoring, and access for the church in multiple nations to meet the physical and emotional needs of their surrounding community.

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Church Impact Even in the Midst of COVID

In the fall of 2019, Developing Workers launched our Discipleship Training Workshop where we engage leaders in creating a disciple-making movement by committing to personal discipleship themselves. Our partner Pastor Gustavo in Madrid received the training with

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