Steady Refuge

The world as we know it in our modern day has surely faced trouble of late. God hurts with those who hurt and rejoices over those who turn to Him amidst trial. We are walking steadily in ministry, praying for you and placing our trust in the One who sees and knows and guides. He is our refuge. May you find your refuge in Him day-by-day!

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DW Translation into Swahili

The Digital Church

As the world around us in every home and every nation is directly impacted by the Coronavirus, we trust during this season of unknowns that God our Father is near and ministering to you. The Developing Workers staff cares about you, and we are praying for you!

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Bibles, Medicine & Miracles

A Chance to Give In this giving season, we invite you to consider some very powerful ways to steward your generosity. Put Bibles in the hands of pastors who have no access to

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Pastors, Hope, and Restoration

India Recap Developing Workers-Mobilize returned last week from our most recent trip to India. It was an amazingly impactful trip with clear evidence of the movement of God’s Holy Spirit. As part of

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CSI DW Updates

Child Safety Initiative

CSI – The Child Safety Initiative Connecting with Kids Globally! An important facet often included in Developing Workers trips abroad is the Child Safety Initiative. Child safety evaluations are used to help identify

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